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Apartment-with-no-ceiling-lights, sometimes your dream apartment is in an ideal location and packed with amenities. but something feels off: you realize there’s no overhead lighting.. String lights are a fun and easy way to add ambiance and light to a room without the need for ceiling wiring or overhead light fixtures. they’re also lightweight and would only need some nails or hooks to hang from, or you can drape them from hanging utilities like this dreamy loft., unless you're purchasing a sprawling penthouse à la fredrik eklund, apartments often notoriously come with a unique set of issues: little natural light, low ceilings, and limited space.but that's not something a little dose of clever lighting can't fix. while apartments old and new often come with standard builder-grade lighting, from recessed spotlights in newer buildings to the infamous ....

Lack of overhead lighting occurs in rentals for various reasons. sometimes, you rent a house that was built a while ago (this style became popular in 1945 and stuck around through the 1980s). sometimes, an apartment was built in such a way that the ceiling space is taken up by an ac system leaving no room for lights., apartment with no ceiling lights? accommodation & property. i recently viewed an apartment in a development that dates back from the early 90s, but during the viewing it was apparent that all of the lights in all of the rooms were not on the ceilings but on the walls..

The best way to get overhead lighting when you don’t have built-in ceiling lights is through swag plug-in pendant lights. you affix a hook to your ceiling and then plug the lamp into the wall. there are so many different styles of swag pendants, that you could easily put one in every room of your house! ganeed plug in pendant light, if you have light-coloured walls, using a spotlight or other high-intensity light indirectly may work well for your purposes. i've personally improvised one using a cheap desk lamp (like this one), fitted with a 200w-equivilant (45w actual) cfl and pointed at a corner (it's clipped onto the shelving of my desk) to supplement a rather anemic ceiling light in my basement..

Rental apartments aren’t known for crystal chandeliers and beautiful statement lighting. instead you get (almost always) awful and (frequently) unflattering light with shadows that turn even the prettiest people into bela lugosi — not to mention dated fixtures desperately in need of an aesthetic upgrade. learn how to improve your lighting situation with one of these solutions., a few lighting tricks can turn your apartment into a well-lit abode. from choosing eye-catching ceiling fixtures to being strategic about the placement of mirrors, experts weigh in on the best light fixtures for apartments of all styles.