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Can-you-use-a-heat-lamp-bulb-in-regular-socket, you should be able to use a self ballasted lamp in a regular socket safely as long as you do not exceed the wattage recommendations of the fixture.. You sure can, it's been done, and the bathroom didn't blow up, the bathroom was just extremely bright some sockets, though, do have a maximum wattage and/or a maximum heat tolerance that needs to ..., the kx bulb has an extra pair of wire contacts (4 instead of 2) per side. this decreases the amount of current each contact has to handle and decreases the amount of heat build up on the socket..

I have a recessed light fixture outside my shower that holds a reflector type bulb. it's incandescent as far as i can tell and i have no idea how many watts it is., because the light bulb is physically screwed into an electrical socket. the socket (and fixture) are physically attached by fasteners to the beams in the ceiling.. If it has a standard socket, it can be used in a standard socket. not entirely on topic, but in astronomy, we experimented with different light spectrums using diffent gasses in tubes., yes, as long as the voltage is the same and the bulb has the same or less wattage. the fixture is rated at a certain wattage that can be found on a label somewhere on the fixture. never use a ....

I wanted to know if you could take out a regular light bulb and screw in one of those red heat lamps that you see in hotels that work off the timer. just want something to put a touch of heat in bathroom during showers and things like that., if you don't mind me asking, why do you want to put an infrared heat bulb into a desk lamp anyway? i work at an animal rescue centre and we use those infrared and standard 250w heat bulbs a lot, and believe me they get extremely hot, we use special heat lamps to hold the bulbs as these use ceramic fittings and heat resistant fittings so they don't cause any damage..

Good afternoon all, joseph here today to talk about the type of light bulb that gets a lot of use this time of year...the heat lamp light bulb.