Can-you-use-carpet-padding-under-vinyl-plank-flooring, maybe your contractor is talking about laminate flooring as that type of flooring does require a underlayment for the floor to float. laminate hardwood and vinyl plank can look similar, but they are completely different.. As one of the fastest-growing flooring products, vinyl plank flooring is often an easy installation for the do-it-yourselfer looking to get a long-life surface on his floors. for those looking for the best underlayment for vinyl plank flooring, the better question is: do you even need any?, i'm about to buy some vinyl plank flooring with pvc backing to install myself. the salesperson insisted i'll need to spend $250 on their foam pad because the vinyl floors (which we're installing over beaten parquet hardwood floors) will be loud without the pad..

Flooring & rugs. immaculate can you put padding under vinyl flooring your home concept: can you put padding under vinyl flooring do you put padding under vinyl flooring can you put padding under vinyl sheet flooring can you use carpet padding under vinyl plank flooring, the problems with laying event flooring over carpet. posted by sean mcdermott on tue may 2017 find me on: linkedin. many suppliers in the events and exhibitions industry have reported a similar issue - their customer will go into the hotel or whatever space they want to stage their event, and they don’t like the room’s decor. ....

Visit the post for more.-> source : can i install laminate flooring over carpet underlayment can i install laminate flooring over carpet underlayment can you use carpet underlay under laminate flooring 5 reasons the ultimate guide to laminate flooring underlayment, floor padding: when do you need it? agreed, richard. for both engineered hardwoods and laminate floors the recommendations can come in as low as 48-72 hours, and for solid hardwood a week is a common minimum, but it never hurts to go much, much longer on those..

Hi, i am replacing my kitchen and dining room vinyl flooring with vinyl wood plank (6″ x 36″). i intend to have it “free floating”. the new flooring has its own underlayment attached (it is very top of the line flooring)., hello. i want to install click luxury vinyl tiles in rooms where high-pile carpets are fitted. as i need to keep an extra layer of sound insulation (due to leasehold policy) i have decided to keep carpet underlayment.