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Ceiling-fan-light-comes-on-by-itself, i have a hampton bay ceiling fan/light that has a remote; i turn the fan on at night and after a couple of hours the light turns itself on. this becomes a nuisance as it wakes me up.. Whether you have a hampton bay ceiling fan or other, having the fan turn on by itself can cause a problem. there are a few reasons why this might occur. below we analyze each part of the ceiling fan that could be causing this problem, and the steps you can take to attempt to rectify it. 1., the light attached to the ceiling fan in my room turns on by itself. this happens at random. sometimes at 2am, sometimes in the afternoon. it is operated from a system of buttons where a normal....

Check for frayed wiring: frayed wiring within the fan’s housing can cause the fan to turn on and off by itself. open up the fan housing and inspect all of the wires/wire connections to make sure they are snug and all of the wires are intact., i just remodeled a house as a flip. i installed a hunter ceiling fan with a remote control. this is the 5th time i have found the light to be on when i get there in the morning. today when i arrived i went into the living room to check the thermostat and the light was off. i came back not 5 min later and it was on. i didn’t touch a thing i simply looked at the temperature..

I recently had a hunter ceiling fan installed, to replace another one, a harbor breeze which was a lemon. it has a remote control no chains. what concerns me is that i come home from work and the fan is going at fast speed - today - saturday - like a ghost, it started again. what in heavens could be the matter. not quite sure where to do next - did have master electrician install - - :confused: