Ceiling-fan-light-doesnt-work-but-fan-does, it is the middle of a hot summer day, and the heat is killing you. unfortunately, that ceiling fan you installed last year has decided to up and call it quits. it should be pushing cool air around the room, creating a comfortable breeze that keeps you cool. instead, your ceiling fan stopped working, but. Turn off the breaker supplying electricity to the ceiling fan at you main electrical panel if the tester does not light. remove the screws holding the switch cover plate over the ceiling fan and..., the lights work, but the fan doesn’t select the issue you are having with your fan: the fan blades move freely when you push them this indicates that there is not something physically in the way of the fan blades moving and it is most likely electric or mechanical..

Hunter ceiling fan home depot lights don't work fan works simple fix., neither fan works, but both lights on the fans work fine. the walls in each bedroom have 2 light switches: one (single) that controls a wall outlet, another (double) that control the fan lights. both switches on the double will turn off or on the lights. no combination of switches allows the fan to turn on..

Lighting on a ceiling fan operates similarly to any other type of light fixture. the only difference is that the wiring for the light routes through the ceiling fan and connects to the main wiring with the wiring from the fan. a pull switch is mounted on the base of the fan to control the function of the light., fan light is not working if the fan is working but the light is not, the problem is usually a loose connection between the power source and the light kit. make sure the red/blue/black & white.

You're probably reading this because your ceiling fan doesn't work, making it pretty worthless on a hot day. this article will show you how to repair a ceiling fan, saving you time and money. includes how to recognize the sources of different ceiling fan problems and fix them in a hurry., (1) turn on the ceiling fan and then check to see if the lights work. (the light fixture may be hooked-up downstream from the ceiling fan's pull switch, which would prevent the lights from having voltage unless the fan was [also] on.) (2) turn on the wall switch for the ceiling fan and then check to see if the lights work..

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