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Ceiling-fan-light-turns-on-then-off, ceiling fan light shuts off after seconds - what should i do? to answer your question, i want to break this down into two parts. part a will be the scenario that you have just purchased this fan and it is exhibiting this behaviour after installation.. Is your hampton bay ceiling fan turning on and off by itself? or, you might have another brand of ceiling fan that is doing this. this can be happening because of the frequency on your fan is set to the same frequency as someone else’s close to your home., it is the middle of a hot summer day, and the heat is killing you. unfortunately, that ceiling fan you installed last year has decided to up and call it quits. it should be pushing cool air around the room, creating a comfortable breeze that keeps you cool. instead, your ceiling fan stopped working, but.

If your ceiling fan and light kit turn on and off by themselves, don't be alarmed as this is more common than you may think. use the following tips to identify the cause: confirm the circuit breaker is not malfunctioning. verify the wire connections are not frayed and are securely connected with wire nuts., turn off the ceiling fan circuit breaker inside the breaker panel. remove the screws holding the light kit to the ceiling fan. pull the kit from the switch housing to access the wire connectors.....

The ceiling light in my kitchen goes on when i flick the switch. then after about 10 minutes, it goes off. then back on after another 10 minutes and is driving me crazy. replaced bulbs but didn't solve problem. any ideas on how to fix this? please help, thanks!, my 1-1/2 year old hampton bay 'springview' 52" ceiling fan has a bowl-type light kit with 3 small chandelier bulbs that came with the fan. when i turn on the wall switch (fan has a normal switch, no remote), the fan works fine, but the lights stay on only for about 1 second, then turn off.