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Ceiling-fans-for-8-ft-ceilings, low profile ceiling fans for 8-foot ceilings and above fans equipped with short downrods are designed to work well in a room with an 8-foot ceiling. these fans typically provide stronger airflow than flush mounted fans and are still within the code requirement of keeping blades 7 feet from the floor.. Flush mount / hugger ceiling fans are perfect when the fan needs to be kept out of the way or for ceilings slightly lower than 8 feet. if the ceiling is standard 8-feet then any fan within the 8-foot suitable category will come equipped out-of-the-box perfect for your 8-foot ceiling., when selecting a new or a replacement ceiling fan, keep in mind the ceiling height. the ideal fan height from floor to fan blades is approximately 8 feet. many fans have multiple mounting options, allowing them to work almost anywhere in the home. measure the height of your ceiling to determine the mounting option that'll work best for your space..

The majority of ceiling fans come with a light kit; however, if you are hanging the fan in an area with good natural lighting or already-installed lighting, buying ceiling fans without lights is perfectly fine. if you do choose a ceiling fan with lights, you will need to decide between these types of lighting output.. led: consumes the least amount of energy; have an average lifespan of 50,000 ..., if you’ve got a room with a low ceiling, then a low-profile ceiling fan is your best option. building codes require a minimum of 7 feet from the floor to the blades of the ceiling fan. that means a room with an 8.5-foot ceiling will require one of the best flush-mount ceiling fans to provide warming or cooling benefits..

Dc motor fans - a smart choice. dc motors offer significant energy savings, consuming up to 57% less energy compared to ac ceiling fans. this means reduced operating costs and a minimized environmental impact., 4 top rated flush mount fans. the 4 hugger fans featured below are modern forms smart fans.each model features a very low profile with a super "bedroom quiet" energy saving dc motor with a 6 speed control and dimmable integrated led lights..

The optimum mounting height for a ceiling fan is 8 to 9 feet above the floor, with a minimum of 7 feet for safety., there should be a 7-foot minimum distance between your ceiling fan’s blades and the floor. if you have a ceiling between 8 and 9 feet, you will need low-profile (aka hugger or flush mount) ceiling fan, which measure at least 12 inches from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fixture and are built to be hung on ceilings as low as 8 feet..

Ceiling fans are widely used for air circulation in the commercial, industrial and agriculture industries. the ceiling circulating fan is an efficient and effective way to circulate air, or stir stale and stagnant air in your building or facility.