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Difference-in-red-and-white-heat-lamp, a heat lamp, as the name suggests, uses heat to warm an area by raising the temperature of a fixture similar to a light fixture. heat lamps are also known as “infrared emitters” due to the infrared rays they use to heat objects that lie underneath them.. The red bulbs are usually 250w and the white are 100w. the red ones will get a lot hotter. it doesnt' matter which one you use but the red one you can't hang to low because it will be really hot., heat lamps are a great example of how light bulbs can be used in special applications to fill a specific need through their infrared (ir) properties. they are referred to as "infrared" because the heat is invisible and "below" the red that the human eye can see. many people ask us if there is really a difference between red and clear lenses?.

There is an advantage of the red over the white. first of all, if one checks, the red ones are usually twice the power of the white ones. the most important thing, however, is that the red bulbs are designed to produce mostly "infra-red" light rays., currently in my pulled,blown sugar work i use a clear 250 watt heat lamp bulb. i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the difference is between the clear and red bulb for sugar work? appreciate any help or advice. thanks..

This is a compilation of information from students who are conducting scientific color experiments about color and heat absorption. questions: #1 - i am doing a science fair experiment on color vs. heat absorption.