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Do-baby-geckos-need-a-heat-lamp, one of the best things about crested geckos is that they thrive at room temperature. no special lights or heaters are required, but if you are in a chilly area or would like to grow real plants in your enclosures, you need to pay attention to lights, fixtures, bulbs and the heat they generate.. Since crested geckos are sensitive to heat, with their ideal temperature range being between 70-79 degrees fahrenheit, it is very important to choose lighting based on the ambient temperatures currently in your gecko’s habitat., when it comes to leopard geckos there’s not much that’s more important than the heating provided in their enclosure. a leopard gecko’s temperature isn’t regulated on the inside like it is with us humans which makes it vital to their survival..

I have a 8 year old special needs son . he loves geckos ..he has 3 crested geckos ..and wants a couple more geckos just didn't want anymore crested geckos .. any other kind of geckos that can live in room temps ..from 70 to 73 degrees ..i don't mind a small heat mat just didn't want any hot..., in this post, you will find everything that you need to know about temperature, heating, lighting and humidity in a leopard gecko tank, and hopefully you set it up before your leopard gecko arrives..

Thanks so much for watching! note: the heat mat in the thumbnail is just an extra i had lying around and is not the size i use for my leos. note: please be aware this is an older video made prior ...