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Do-chickens-need-a-heat-lamp-in-cold-weather, so this is my first winter with chickens . i started with 2 heating lamps thinking that they needed them. it is now january in montana. the cold temps have made me nervous about my chickens and if they are doing alright in the recent cold here.. Do chickens need a heat lamp? why heat lamps can be a problem: first off, thinking an animal must be cold, just because we are cold, is a faulty assumption., how long do chicks need a heat lamp? keeping chicks during summer months can be easier than winter because your house may be hotter. if home temperatures range around 75 degrees, you won’t need a heat lamp past week four..

Chickens can handle very cold temperatures. some experts say chickens don’t really start suffering until the temperature inside their coop falls to minus 20 degrees fahrenheit., many breeds lay eggs all year round i have six red sexlinks and it was minus 19 ‘ c last night and i used a large glass bottle filled with hot water from the kettle lid goes on then wrapped in a towel sits in an old saucepan and slid into the coop this keeps my girls a little bit warmer and their water won’t freeze as i place the waterer on a heated glass lunch container that i also filled ....

If you cannot be persuaded that chickens do not need supplemental heat inside a properly managed chicken coop in the winter, find a safe heat source such as a flat panel radiant heater that brings the temperatures up just a few degrees. there should not be an extreme difference in heat between outside temperatures and temperatures inside the coop., cold weather and heat lamps. 8 – 10 weeks is about the normal amount of time baby chicks need a heat lamp. that’s how long baby chicks need a heat lamp or preferably a safer heat source.there are many people who stop using a heat source at 8 weeks old..

Nov 21, 2017 - our thermometer dipped well into the negative numbers last night, here in maine. i have to say, on these frigid winter mornings, i'm always glad to see my feathered girls looking so chipper and strong. if we're honest, they look far more chipper than i feel at 6am when it's 6 below - despite the fact that i'm the one c…, may 23, 2020 - backyard chickens. see more ideas about coop, chickens, chickens backyard.