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Harbor-breeze-ceiling-fan-light-wont-turn-off-with-remote, if the light is not coming on than the remote is not sending a signal. if the remote is sending a signal, check to see if the fan and the remote are set to the same frequencies. this can usually be done by checking the dip switches. they need to be set the same way on both the fan and the remote.. 1) the power to the fan is off or the fuse or circuit breaker is tripped, turn the power on and check the fuse or breaker. 2) power surge has cleared the memory and remote needs to be re-synced to..., turn the fan off using the remote control. spin the blades manually in the direction you want the fan to turn (turn it slowly with your hands) turn the fan on, then off, then on repeat until the fan begins operating correctly..

Same issue here with a harbor breeze fan and thermostat ceiling fan & light remote control. my guess is the remote control has gone bad. i had an electrician install my fan in feb 2007 and he used power from a ceiling light which still works so i think it is the remote., i have a remote controlled hunter ceiling fan. the fan is only operated by the remote(it has no pull chain) and is wired directly to the hot line of the house, not a switch..

Harbor breeze light won't come off. i click the button once and doesn't turn off like it did when i purchased it 3 weeks ago. it stopped working properly yesyterday, it's a remote fan and i tried reseting the remote.. nothing., we have a harbor breeze remote controlled ceiling fan/light. the light quit working a few weeks back. the fan and light are controlled by one wall switch. there are 2 pull cords and the remote. the fan works using all 3 controls (wall, pull-cord, remote). the light does not work using any....

My ceiling fan will not turn off. it is controlled by a remote control only, no switch. the fan is on and won't turn - answered by a verified electrician, if you have previously been able to turn off the lights with your remote control, then either the remote or the receiver is broken.. Ceiling fan and remote control problems electrical question: i installed a remote controlled ceiling fan several years ago. it worked great until recently, now the light and the fan will not turn on. i changed the light bulbs and still no light.