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Harbor-breeze-ceiling-fan-light-wont-turn-on, if the fan blades start to turn and there’s a grinding noise, turn off the fan right away. it could be a problem with the motor. motor problems are usually indicated by the fan turning on very slowly, not turning properly, and hearing grinding noises coming from the fan, or other noises that are coming from the motor.. Turn off the fan at the wall switch. unscrew the fan blades and remove the fan motor from the ceiling bracket to check the wiring connections. similar-colored wiring should be firmly connected together with a cap seated over the connection to prevent shorting problems. look for wires that are broken or with missing insulation., i bought my house and it already had harbor breeze ceiling fans with lights installed. i recently noticed that in one fan, the lights would seem to flicker, like they were warming up, before they turned on completely..

Bought 4 of the harbor breeze m52-5b/3l fans out of which 3 of them dont work. one of them the lights does not turn on, the second fan the fan itself is rotating slow and the 3rd one both fan and light do not work., harbor breeze light won't come off. i click the button once and doesn't turn off like it did when i purchased it 3 weeks ago. it stopped working properly yesyterday, it's a remote fan and i tried reseting the remote.. nothing..

Same issue here with a harbor breeze fan and thermostat ceiling fan & light remote control. my guess is the remote control has gone bad. i had an electrician install my fan in feb 2007 and he used power from a ceiling light which still works so i think it is the remote., [solved] ceiling fan lights don't work. this is a discussion on [solved] ceiling fan lights don't work within the home diy support forums, part of the tech support forum category. my ceiling fan lights don't work.its not the bulbs, nor the pull chain for the lights.any ideas?the fan blades work.

The ceiling fan has a wall switch and drop down chains to turn fan on/off also light chain. fan is working by switch and chain, but light chain won't pull to turn on light. light is off and i need it badly. please suggest., just installed my harbor breeze l05bn ceiling fan. fan works great. light won't turn on. had a ceiling fan before in this area (office). coming from the electrical box in ceiling i have red, white, black and copper wires (the black wire was not previously used and the copper wire is screwed onto the electrical box box - ground?). connected the red to the fan's remote receiver black (power-in ...