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Heat-lamp-for-crested-gecko, since crested geckos do not bask in direct sunlight during the day, and overheating is a major concern, elevating temperatures for this species is a little different than for other reptiles. some heat sources you should avoid for crested geckos: basking bulbs, halogen bulbs, and any high wattage bulb designed to create a basking spot.. Many crested geckos slow down their growth, and their appetites, during winter. a heat lamp or other heating device may be used to keep them warm, but if your room temperature is within the safe limits, it is not necessary. crested geckos are very heat sensitive., ideal for tropical and desert habitats, the bulb provides ambient heat in which the photons emitted by the filament never escape the dark tint, heating the air inside the enclosure to create the warmth needed for a healthy reptile environment..

Niteangel moonlight spot lamps are applicable for diversity of reptiles & amphibians, this series of products can provide a mild warming pattern without disrupting your pets’ nocturnal behaviors. the special paintcoat over the bulb is able to simulate the moonlight in the nature, creating a suitable atmosphere in the terrarium for your animals., hi all, i am looking for some advice with my crestie i have had her for 6 years but this summer i decided to upgrade her from and 30 x 30 x 45 exo terra to a 45 x 45 x 45 with a custom background i'm so pleased with how it turned out..

10 gallons is totally the minimum to domicile a gecko in so realy you ought to have a larger one. your cage cant be too enormous because contained in the wild the international is their cage realy. identity say atleast a 20gallon. my leopard gecko lives in a 40 gallon lengthy. identity say in basic terms use the effortless and under no circumstances the pad because crested geckos usualy arnt ...