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Heat-lamp-for-tarantula, me personally, the only tarantula who has a heat lamp is my 6" g. rosea, who has a larger cage. my house is kept at 74 degrees constantly (love wisconsin weather) and the tarantula's seem active and eat well.. A heat mat can be considered the “standard” among tarantula keepers. resembling a flat, black piece of plastic, these heaters produce very gentle background warmth. even when running at full-pelt, they feel only comfortable to the touch, rather than unpleasantly hot. this makes them quite safe., a heat lamp sparked a fire in an olympia home. a pet tarantula was killed in the blaze early friday. courtesy photo olympia fire department.

Tarantulas can be a bit dense when it comes to heat, heat lamps aren't a good idea in general and a heat rock would cook them. mine get extra heat from sunbathing or being next to the radiator, repti zoo 20 inch terrarium hood tropical desert t8 strip light fixture for use with one 18 inch uvb light bulb 15 watt(not include), etl certified. So i am setting up an enclosure for a mature g rosea and was wondering what your guys thoughts were for heat sources. i have a heating pad (covers about a third of the tank bottom) and a desk lamp that provides a moderate amount of warmth. i like the heat pad cause i don't have to turn it off at..., absolutely no heat lamps! most pet store heat mats, heat pads, and heat rocks are not appropriate heating sources for tarantulas. all three can create hot spots that can injure, dehydrate, and kill a t..

Moonlite® reptile bulb zoo med's moonlite® reptile bulb is the perfect bulb for viewing and heating nocturnal reptiles and amphibians. the bulb provides..., the tarantula’s home when setting up a home for your pet tarantula you must consider safety, security, heating and size. remember that tarantulas are cannibalistic.