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Heat-lamps-for-tortoises-a-fire-hazard, this may be a silly question or i am being paranoid. i understand that timothy hay can catch fire easily so i was wondering if it is a possible fire hazard when placed under the heat lamp inside the tortoise enclosure. your thoughts much appreciated.. I'm gone most of the day (around 12-15 hours), and can't leave any heat lamps on due to it being a fire hazard. i'll never be at rest if i left it on when i'm gone. is there any cheap way to conserve heat? i've been using some closed top ides with tinfoil, but the heat only lasts a little..., ceramic infrared heat emitters(che's) are great for overnight heating for little tortoises, because they emit no visible light. they can also be used as additional heat sources anytime anywhere. if you use a che for daytime basking heat, it needs to be combined with a light emitting bulb, for example, a uvb fluorescent tube..

Top british pet supplies, here's some pics of the habitat... http://www.harleyquine.com/ my tortoise is an 8 year old russian tortoise. is the basking light too close to her?. Husbandry guidelines for (reptilia:emydidae) - nswfmpa.org