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Le-klint-cache-table-lamp, cachÉ design by aurelién barbry. a unique combination of craftsmanship and modern design cachÉ means hidden in french. this is beautifully symbolized by the almost hidden handfolded lampshade that elegantly has been integrated to reveal the unique dna of a classic le klint lamp.. Caché is french and means hidden. manufactured by le klint, the name refers to the lamp’s almost hidden hand-folded lampshade, which has been elegantly integrated to reveal the unique dna of le klint., a sleek contemporary design of five pendants, a table lamp and a floor lamp features a subtle yet elegant brass detail. cachÉ in french means hidden, which is beautifully symbolized by the almost hidden hand-folded lampshade, that has been elegantly integrated to reveal the unique dna of a classic le klint lamp..

Le klint  caché is a lamp that can be used on a table or on a shelf, but no matter where you put it, this lamp provides a perfect light for reading or for work., le klint  caché floor lamp has a stylish and modern design, produced in an ultra-high quality workmanship. the pleated lampshade is here to give this lamp a special character and add le klint characteristic signature located in the unique folding craft..

Le klint  caché pendant is a part of larger series that also consists of a floor  and table lamp, making the entire collection as a great multipurpose addition to any space., model 375 - medium table lamp - paper shade eur 492.00. see product. le klint 307 eur 650.00. see product. le klint 343 eur 661.00. see product. le klint 352 eur 871.00. see product. le klint 312-2 eur 366.00. see product. næste. administration & production. address. egestubben 13-17. dk-5270 odense n. phone +45 66 18 19 20.. A reinterpretation of esben klint's iconic model 107 is designed to celebrate our 75th anniversary. esben drew model 107 back in 1942. he is the grand child of p.v. jensen-klint who created the very first le klint shade. the shade is beautifully integrated using light oak and brass details as a base. design: esben klint (shade) - klint design team (base), carronade design ny markus johansson. distinctive, yet playful design it's not difficult to see how swedish designer markus johansson drew inspiration from 17th century ship cannons as he created the lamp series carronade. he has transformed gunpowder and cannonballs into modern lighting technology in synch with 21st century contemporary and nordic lighting designs..

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