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Ott-lite-truecolor-floor-lamp, the same "sunlight" that increases contrast and brightness, while reducing glare, is available in this attractive floor lamp. its weighted base gives it stability while its flexible top section lets the user rotate the light to the best location. height can be adjusted from 4 to 5 feet by extending the top section.. Product description. truecolor lighting lets you see color clarity and detail like you've never seen before. this technology has revolutionized the way we view everything., since 1989, ottlite's natural daylight illumination has helped them see everything more clearly and comfortably as they sew, craft, read, quilt, knit and crochet. created by photo biologist dr. john nash ott, ottlite brings the power of natural daylight indoors. with our low heat, low glare lamps, ottlite has smart features such as flexible necks, magnification, storage and more..

For everything you love to do, ott lite makes it easier by helping you see more clearly and comfortably. based on the groundbreaking work of dr. john nash ott, ott lite natural daylight lamps go beyond full spectrum lighting to provide the perfect balance of contrast and brightness., ottlite archer 55" tree floor lamp l1604bs9-shpr ottlite with a bold, mid-century modern design, the ottlite archer led floor lamp has an adjustable shade making it a perfect reading lamp or crafting lamp. with a maximum height of 55.5 inches, the... more.

Slim and flexible, the ottlite 24-watt wingshade floor lamp provides powerful illumination, ideal for projects in the home, office, workshop or crafting room. this lamp features a wide shade, a sturdy yet lightweight base, and a flexible neck to position the light where you need it., craft and sewing floor lamps next to your favorite chair or perfectly placed over your sewing machine, ottlite floor lamps easily adjust to deliver high contrast, low glare ottlite illumination right where you need it. you’ll enjoy hours of comfort and clarity with our standing lamps!.

Truecolor floor lamp" on the stand and "ott-lite" on either side of the shade identify the recalled floor lamps. check the label on the ott-lite electronic ballast plug. the plug on the recalled lamps have white lettering on a black label and bear the model number dmblh-18w or dmblp-, giving our customers the best customer service is what ottlite strives to achieve. from the time you buy your lamp we want you to be able to do what you love, longer. available monday to friday from 8:30am through 5:30pm est, our customer service team is based in the united states. contact them at 1-800-842-8842 or via our customer service form..

The floor lamps are sand colored, stand about 4 feet tall and have flexible gooseneck arms to adjust the position of the fluorescent lights. they are used for reading or by crafters for sewing or needlework. labels indicating "ott-lite truecolor floor lamp" on the stand and "ott-lite" on either side of the shade identify the recalled floor lamps.