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Vinyl-plank-flooring-or-carpet, vinyl plank is a very durable option. it can withstand heavy traffic, kids, and pets without scratching, denting, or dinging like hardwood floors. it is also waterproof, so you can install it in below-grade rooms or rooms where moisture accumulates without fear of warping or staining.. Vinyl plank flooring is vinyl flooring designed to resemble a hardwood floor. the vinyl pieces even come in planks, just like hardwood does, and is available in a wide range of colors and styles., first, resilient flooring options like luxury vinyl is a non-porous material which keeps moisture and other harmful substances or bacteria from penetrating through like in carpet, or other flooring surfaces like concrete or the grout of ceramics. second, luxury vinyl flooring has a wear layer with a polyurethane topcoat..

The vinyl plank flooring transition to carpet is simple as long as you know the tricks. on this article, we would help you to make easy transition from vinyl to carpet. but before we talk about it, let me show you why vinyl plank flooring would be the best option as the base floor of your house., vinyl is more durable than carpet and well-suited to areas that attract a hive of activity. quality vinyl flooring that’s properly installed can last for more than 20 years, with little maintenance required. cheap vinyl is easier to rip and tends to fade under prolonged exposure to strong sunlight..

Vinyl is by far the easiest flooring option to clean and maintain, which makes it a great option for seniors living on their own.   stains and water damage are virtually a non-concern. sweeping on a regular basis is all that is required. the potential downfall with vinyl is the fact that is not going to be a soft landing if tripping is a concern., as such, laminate flooring doesn’t hide dirt and build-up in any crevices. it is often considered more hygienic and hypoallergenic than carpet is.. carpet, on the other hand, tends to absorb a lot of odors, dust, moisture and other things that would make you and your vacuum cleaner cringe. as a result, if you or your family members have allergies to dust, pollen or even pet dander, then ....

Flooring choices you should avoid for elderly adults who want to age in place: 1. tile flooring. tile flooring is not safe for aging seniors. it’s easy to slip on tiles, especially when they are wet. and, if you do fall, you are much more likely to be seriously injured, especially if you are older., thermal insulation: carpeting, combined with a good-quality pad, can insulate a floor against heat loss, ensuring that the bedroom will remain toasty warm. sound-dampening: in a room where you sleep, carpeting can absorb outside noises and keep a bedroom quieter. carpeting is the very best flooring for this. economical: price is another factor that makes carpeting in the bedroom so popular.