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What-size-heat-lamp-for-a-tortoise, it comes in different wattages, from 50 watts to 150 watts, though you shouldn’t need anything higher than 50. aside from heating, this spot lamp also produces plenty of uvb for your tortoise.. Finding the best heat lamp for your tortoise. the biggest difference between most heat lamps is represented by the wattage of the heat bulb. most heat bulbs come in with three different wattages: 50 watts, 75 watts, and 100 watts., pet tortoises and turtles of all kinds need the same types of lighting. heat bulbs and uvb bulbs are both vital to properly care for your pet turtle or tortoise. if proper temperatures and lighting are not provided your pet is at risk for developing serious health problems..

Ceramic heat emitters work great. i've use them extensively for many animals. they come in many wattages. i typically use a 120 or 150 watt for a large enclosure to bring most of it to 85 degrees, with a 110/120 degree basking spot using a mercury vapor bulb/che working in unison., there’s plenty of confusion about tortoise lighting, as information regarding it if often too generalised for anybody to work out what’s best for their tortoise pet. at swell reptiles, this generates many confused calls for us, and we thought it was about time we laid down our feelings on the matter. light, heat and uvb […].

Tortoises require light sources to provide both heat and ultraviolet light. both are important, but the key distinction is that the uv light should pretty much fill the entire space in the terrarium or tortoise table, whereas the heat lamp only needs to be positioned in one corner., understanding reptile heating systems. an overnight heated unit based upon a ceramic infra-red heater with suitable controller. a. c. highfield. Just wanted to know what you all recommend for uvb and heat for hatchling/young tortoise. i was informed that using the ceramic fixture was the best way to go, but which bulbs to get. when i had a bearded dragon a few years ago i bought a white under cabinet light and fixture at walmart for..., overview. turtles; tortoises; turtles. turtles live mainly in water. they’ll need an aquarium of at least 29 gallons, with a screened top. turtles need 12 hours a day of “daylight,” but their aquarium should not be placed in direct sun..

Hi guys, i know this is a common question but i am just not finding the answers i need anywhere online. please bear with me and explain in real simple terms as i am still a newbie and so confused by all the options available. so, ralph is a horsefield, no older than 10 months old. we live im...