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Wobbly-lamp-base, examine the lamp closely to determine the source of looseness. touch and gently wiggle various parts of the lamp, starting slightly beneath the socket and working your way down. rest your foot on.... Table lamps can loosen and become wobbly over time. with normal use the mechanical connections in a table lamp can loosen, causing the lamp to lean or to become wobbly. once you understand the simple construction of a table lamp, it is very easy to repair the wobbly lamp., when this happens, the center bolt or nut literally lifts the base off the floor, causing the lamp to be wobbly. repairing a wobbly floor lamp is a simple matter of adjusting either the base feet or the center securing mechanism. unplug the floor lamp from the wall outlet. remove the shade and the light bulb from the lamp..

Loose thread in standing lamp between base and rod. ask question asked 4 years, 1 month ago. active 2 months ago. viewed 3k times 0. my wife just bought a lamp at target, the kind you have to self assemble the rod from 4 hollow pipes and a base, where the electrical wire is already threaded through all of them. each of the 4 sections screws ..., floor lamp loose at base. it looks like the base section has screw threads that are stripped, so it leans over and falls apart if you try to pick it up to move it. answered! view the answer i have this problem too subscribed to new answers . is this a good question? yes no. score ....

With common tools, you can fix your wobbly lamp in minutes. unplug the lamp. remove the light bulb and shade so they won't be damaged when you move the lamp base. turn the lamp over to access the bottom of the base of the lamp. lamp bases are usually covered with a felt material to protect furniture from scratches. use the pointed tip of your ..., hi peggy! there should be a nut of some sort under the base of the lamp. you will need to tighten that. that should fix the problem. you may have to hold the top part of the lamp as you do so, and you can use an adjustable wrench or pliers to tighten it..

Tighten table lamp body a patient came in the other day and was really wobbly. not just loose the poor thing was constantly leaning in one direction. the cause of the problem was obvious: a plastic neck on the top of the lamp, just below the harp base, was broken and cracked. like most plastics over time, this one had become brittle and busted.